What’s Your Fiscalosophy?

Successful financial planning involves more than the balance in your portfolio. A strong financial plan represents what is important to you as an individual—in other words, your Fiscalosophy.

Consider these two scenarios:

  • Mark spends lots of money on trips and entertainment. His father was a workaholic who never took time to really enjoy what he had earned.
  • Nancy never feels she saves enough, despite the fact she is a millionaire. She grew up in a large family that constantly struggled to make ends meet; at one point the family was homeless.

Both of these examples illustrate the impact your individual backstory can have on how you think about money and investing. These stories are an essential part of your Fiscalosophy.

Have you ever thought about how and why you make money decisions as you do? Before talking about strategies, tactics, allocations, and categories, it is essential to understand how you think about investing and money matters.

Every decision we make involves both money and values. Fiscalosophy is understanding the connection between the two, and using that connection to make the right decisions when it comes to investing.

Understanding your own Fiscalosophy begins with answering a series of questions designed to help you develop a plan that works for your unique set of values and circumstances.

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