Financial Adviser, RJFS

With a unique combination of analytical and interpersonal intelligence, Frank eliminates financial stress and uncertainty for his clients, guiding them to knowledge, confidence in the future, and peace of mind.

Frank was born in the Philippines, but has lived in Florida since he was three years old. Having a multicultural upbringing and a diverse heritage has helped Frank to understand the many perspectives that people have on the world and on finance. After graduating from the New College of Florida with a degree in Economics, Frank worked in the Florida Department of Legislative Affairs under Governor Jeb Bush.

Before co-founding Acadium, Frank was an award-winning banker and financial adviser at SunTrust Investment Services, Inc.

Frank began his financial planning practice in 2007, and one of his formative experiences was the Financial Crisis of 2008. Frank's dedication to improving his clients' futures, and desire to help people thrive through tough markets was forged during this time. A gifted teacher and writer, Frank enjoys making complex subjects easy to understand, and works to make his clients into disciplined and successful investors.

A Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Frank believes that the correct practice standard is the fiduciary standard: all the time, with no exceptions. Frank also believes in a scientific, evidence-based approach to investing and relies upon the same strategies and securities personally as he recommends to his clients. Finally, Frank believes that the true purpose of financial planning is to live the best life possible; that this vision is unique to each person; and that his primary purpose is to embrace and help realize this vision.

Frank lives in Estero, Florida, with his wife, Nicole, and children, Gabe and Sophia.